Public record requests (police records)

All Public Record Requests should be made to the Custodian of Records for the City of Fort Pierce Police Department as follows:

Fort Pierce Police Department
Sergeant Cassandra D. Davis, Records Supervisor
920 S US Highway 1
Fort Pierce, FL 34950
(772) 467-6800
Fax: (772) 465-1059

The Fort Pierce Police Department's Records Office manages most requests for public records at the police department.

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If the time necessary to gather, assemble, and copy the requested documents is greater than half-hour, it will be considered "extensive," and there will be a cost of the hourly wage of the employee doing the necessary work. It will be billed in quarter-hour increments. You will be refunded any amount paid in excess of the actual cost for production and/or if the amount of time exceeds the actual charged amount due, you will be charged accordingly.

Copies of requested documents will not be made until an advance deposit of 75 percent of the estimated cost is received by the Police Department. Payment may be provided in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Fort Pierce Police Department. If you are picking up records, payment may be provided in the form of a check, cash or money order and no postage charges would apply.

The following information may be redacted (removed) from the records pursuant to Florida Statutes (F.S.)

  • Mental health and/or medical records without a properly executed consent for release form F.S. Sec. 945.10(1), 455.667.
  • HIV/AIDS and/or substance abuse treatment records, to the extent any exist, without a properly executed consent form. F.S. Sec. 381.004, 397.501, 397.752, 951.27.
  • Pre-plea, pretrial intervention, pre-sentence, or post-sentence investigations (PSIs) to persons other than those described in F.S. Sec. 945.10(2), 945.10(1)(b).
  • Information regarding a person in the federal witness protection program. F.S. Sec. 945.10(1)(c).
  • Parole Commission records. F.S. Sec. 945.10(1)(d).
  • Information, which if released, would jeopardize a person's safety. F.S. Sec. 945.10(1)(f); 119.07(3)(s).
  • Identity of confidential informants. F.S. Sec. 119.07(3)(c).
  • Home addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, and photographs of active or former department employees; places of employment and/or daycare facilities, schools of employees spouse and children. F.S. Sec. 119.07(4)(d)(2).
  • FCIC/NCIC and criminal justice information. F.S. Sec. 943.053.
  • Active criminal investigation or criminal intelligence information. F.S. Sec. 119.07(3)(b).
  • On-going investigations regarding law enforcement officers. F.S. Sec. 112.533(2)(a).
  • School transcripts. F.S. Sec. 228.093(3)(d).
  • Other Florida Statutes or Federal law may apply.